Spring Harvest 2023

Links to the resources we used in the All Age Celebration.

New song Upside Down here.


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The Rest Is Worship

Respond to Jesus' invitation to rest. Explore rest as an offering of worship to God. Explore our new book and service resources now. Plus hear the 4 new songs for this project here.

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Read about our exciting Evergreen+ formation year, which started January 2023.

Evergreen is a community of young leaders who want to invest in a healthy and sustainable worship ministry.


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Worship in the Woods

"You will find more... in the woods than you ever will among books." Bernard of Clairvaux

This book combines the service outline format of Worship in the Waiting and Wilderness with our passion for Outdoor Worship, to give you ten sessions of engaging with God in the woods. SALE: ebook just £7 until end of May.

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Creative Retreat Day

With Rachel Wilhelm from United Adoration, plus Sara & Sam of Engage Worship.

Streams for songwriters, visual artists, poets, or just see what inspires you on the day.

Saturday 8th July, Luton, everyone welcome!

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Worship Jobs

Our Worship Jobs Board is a space for churches in the UK to promote
worship-related work vacancies. Jobs are live now!
We are offering free advertising until the end of August 2023...

Plus, here's an article on Recruiting Worship Employees.


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Our Vision

We've just revisited our vision: Training and resourcing the local church for Creative, Sustainable and World-Changing worship.

Check it out and get excited!

Our crowdfunding campaign has now finished, but you can still give through our support page.


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Video Course & Book

How Would Jesus Lead Worship will help your team grow in Christ-like worship leading. 

Free video course with User Guides for in-person or Zoom delivery. Order your revised books now as physical or PDF copies - bulk discounts for teams. 


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Audio Bible reflections with original music, guided prayers and themes related to daily life.

Season 2 available now, focused on embodied prayers.

Listen and download via our website.

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Selah - Albanian Worship Training

Find out about our partners Selah, who lead worship and train worship teams in the Balkans. 

Get inspired by their work and find out how you can support them.

Jesus & Emotions

“So well written and brilliant for those journeying this #PandemicSeason with children”
Kate Middleton, Mind & Soul Foundation

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Praying for Ukraine

See Sam's song with Andy Flannagan "Your Spirit Groans For Peace"; our prayer for the Ukrainian crisis (that page contains links to other appropriate songs and hymns); and other resurces for lament, intercession and solidarity with refugees.

Whole Life Worship

"This is such a helpful, well-thought out, biblically sound, and beautifully practical book... It invites us to become 'whole life' worshippers - those who don't simply lift up their song, but those who lay their lives down for the sake of the King and Kingdom." Kathryn Scott - songwriter, worship leader

"#WholeLifeWorship by engageworship is getting my juices flowing. Seriously challenging me but the possibilities & ideas are really exciting!" Pete Butland, Twitter

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