It has been a pleasure to be a part of the RESOUNDworship "Songs For Sundays" project, launched on 27th September 2017. We believe if offers a unique set of resources to the local church. You can order the 11 song CD here. To join us for launch concerts in October visit this page.

Themes for the worship journey

The album project has two aims: thematically, it looks to resource the journey of a worship service. Most of us are familliar with singing songs of praise and adoration to God, but there are other potential "movements" of worship which we can engage with in a service: e.g. gathering, call to worship, confession, intercession, communion, a creed, sending out. In a more traditional service these elements may already be present, so the songs will act as a refreshing resource. In a more contemporary or "free" church these movements may have been lost, and so the songs provide an easy way to begin to explore them.

Here at engageworship we have compiled a set of additional prayer/reflection/activity resources to go alongside the songs. Click below on the links to see the songs and resources.

Movement of worship Songs Resources
Gathering/Call to Worship/Praise

In the Name of God the Father (Joel Payne)

Awake My Soul (Marcus Pagnam)

Gathering prayer

Prayer of Preparation slides

Confession Most Merciful God (Chris Pearse) Receiving Forgiveness prayer
Hearing the Word

We Come to Hear Your Word (Chris Juby)

Your Word, O Lord (Chris Pearse)

Hearing the Word prayer
Creed We believe in One God (Chris Juby) Who Needs a Creed? poem
Intercession/Lord's Prayer God our Father (Sam Hargreaves) Let Your Kingdom Come intercession slides

Living Bread (Jo Dore, Judy Gresham, Geradline and Carey Luce)

Jesus You Call Us to This Your Table (Joel Payne)

After Communion Prayer slides
Sending out Send Us Out (Matt Osgood) Send Us Out prayer
Blessing/Benediction May the Grace (Mark Bradford) The Grace and Aaron's Blessing slides

Accessible music

The second aim is around a unique musical approach. The team (led by Joel Payne and including the RESOUNDworship writers, plus producers Dan and Matt Weeks, pianist Mark Edwards and drummer Paul Evans) has sought to craft very singable, playable songs. Joel did some research where he found that the average UK worship group was more likely to contain a flute than a drum kit. Most of us recognise that the "stadium" sound recorded on many albums and conferences is not really achieveable (or even appropriate?) within a small, local church context. So the arrangements are simple, with straighforward piano, drum and guitar parts, and specific melody lines for instruments like flutes and violins to join in with.

To aid this further, each song is accompanied by a video which first explains the theme, and then goes on to interview each of the musicians about how they played their part. This will make it easy for church musicians to see and hear accessible parts for their instrument.