In April 2022 we led the Spring Harvest Skegness All Age venue. These 1 hour celebrations were repeated at 5.30 and 7pm. Sara, Sam, Gemma & Timo were joined by Bob Hartman, Dom Butcher and Jess Daubney. It was great to see a true range of ages and everyone getting involved. Below are links to some of the resources we used.

Night 1

Come All You Weary (For God So Loved) became our standard opening song. It is lively, with easy to grasp words and we also came up with some actions for the chorus. Here's our acoustic live version. (We do this in the key of F).

Jesus Says Come In - we wrote this gathering prayer especially for the week, but you could use it at any time. It was fun engaging everyone in the actions, and it also has attractive PowerPoint.

Chicken Tree song - we used this every night! It is fun, silly, interactive, and Bob Hartman did his best to tie it in with the theme... but most of all it's fun and silly, which we think is a good thing!

Each night Bob did a Bible reading, mostly from his own books. We don't have links to them all, but you can see all of Bob's readings available free on our site here, and browse all of his books for purchase here.

We sang Doug Horley's I'm Gonna Jump Up And Down (also repeated night 2).

For our response we sang Timo's Jesus Only You, and then ended with House of the Lord.

Night 2

Lots of repetition each night so do look back at Night 1 for anything you're missing.

We sang Waiting In Line from the Rhyming Bible album.

We led the God Who Sees and Hears lament prayer, which was followed by a mostly-voices version of Paul Zach's take on the spiritual No Not One (lead sheet via his site, although we do it in E). 

We closed with Nick Jackson's Shine.

Night 3

This evening was themed around the resurrection, so we used a number of resources from Resurrection People. Bob read the Matt 28 interactive reading which comes as part of the Church Service Pack, and we showed the Intro Poem (below).

We used the songs Happy Day, 1,2,3 and Gemma taught Easter Doesn't Stop (below), which we then used again on Night 4.

Bob read his Tapestry book, a very moving story about loss and the hope of re-creation. Responding to this we swapped squares of cloth and then Dom led Everyone Needs Compassion.

We finished with Everything and Everyone Made New from the Rhyming Bible album.

Night 4

Most of Night 4 reprised songs we'd done previous nights, but we enjoyed adding the Peruvian Gloria with just drums and voices. Here's our home-recorded version:

We also sang All Who Are Thirsty as we received the Holy Spirit, and City On A Hill as a response.