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We have now exceeded our target (including cheques and bank transfers not included in the totaliser) and so we have now closed our crowdfunding. However, if you still want to give, please use our general giving page

Also, if your church was discussing sponsoring a video, this is still possible. Email us for details. 

Exceeding our target means we can invest more in the quality, creativity and scope of this project. We look forward to launching it around November time - please pray for the next stages in the process!

Partner with us to create a free worship video training course!

We get more invitations to come and train worship teams than we can fulfil. Hundreds of churches in the UK and across the world are looking for accessible teaching which fits their context. Our How Would Jesus Lead Worship material is ideal both as a first step into worship training, but also contains insights for the experienced worship leader, church musician or pastor.

What are we planning to create?

- A biblical and practical worship course, aimed at small to medium-sized churches. Already piloted in Luton with enthusiastic responses.

- 12 online videos available for free, plus downloadable group discussion questions.

- A fully revised second edition of our book How Would Jesus Lead Worship will also be published at the same time.

What will be the benefits for churches?

- A deeper understanding of why and how we worship, centred on the life and ministry of Jesus.

- Practical skills around choosing and leading songs, arranging music, and including a wider range of creativity and styles.

- Encouraging a balance between planning and spontaneity.

- Offering the course for free opens it up to many more fellowships worldwide who may not have money or a bank card. We have plans to get subtitled versions available for countries such as Albania where worship training is scarce.

To make this happen we need to raise £5000 to cover the writing, filming, editing, translating and distributing of the course. You and your church can support this initiative to bless the global church, and as an added incentive you can receive the course on a memory stick, a copy of the new book, and more.

We also want to give churches the opportunity to sponsor one of the twelve films, or the translation of the course into Albanian. Supporting the project in this way will have a huge impact.

NOTE: We intend to film and edit this videos in 2019, and also edit and update the book. We will send you your incentives as soon as they are available. engageworship is a ministry of the Music and Worship Foundation, a registered charity in the UK.