At 2010's Greenbelt Festival, a group of worshippers from Durham, known as Rough Edge, hosted a piece of worship called the Beat Eucharist. It was a celebration of the Eucharist using rewritten liturgy in the style of beat poets such as Ginsberg and Kerouac. The liturgy is a reworking of the Anglican Common Worship Order 1 Eucharist Liturgy together with paraphrases of the gospels and psalms. The whole thing was accompanied by continuous music and video contributing to an intense, immersive worship experience.

This worship idea is the 40 minutes of video that was created for the Beat Eucharist, now hosted on the new EngageWorship Vimeo Channel. The Video explores the idea of journey, tying in with the Greenbelt theme of 'The Art of Looking Sideways'. It begins slowly, working towards the culmination of the worship event, the celebration of the Eucharist, before revisiting all the videos in a collage to finish. The video was all shot in the North East of England, around Durham, Newcastle and Middlesborough. Whilst Rough Edge used the videos for the Beat Eucharist, there is no reason elements of the video could not be used separately for a different purpose. They are made available under a creative commons license, so long as you don't use them to make money, you can use them in any way, for anything.

To Download any of the Videos, please go to the EngageWorship Vimeo Channel. You will need to sign up to Vimeo to be able to download anthing. Click on the title of a video that you like, scroll down the page and on the right hand side under 'About this video' is the option to Download.

The Beat Eucharist Liturgy is available from Proost and the musicis available here on Engage!

Beat Eucharist Intro

Beat Eucharist Gathering

Beat Euchaist Confession

Beat Eucharist Psalms

Beat Eucharist Gospel

Beat Eucharist Sermon

Beat Eucharist Creed

Beat Eucharist Creed

Beat Eucharist Peace

Beat Eucharist Eucharistic Prayer

Beat Eucharist Lord's Prayer

Beat Eucharist Break Bread

Beat Eucharist Distribution

Beat Eucharist Post Communion