Easter Day is a day for celebrating! In the UK, it's common to celebrate a child's birthday by playing 'Pass the parcel' - we can use it for Resurrection Day too!

Prepare by downloading and printing the Bible verses. Alternatively, you can write them out by hand. For an extra challenge, just write the Bible references, and the players will get to practise their Bible-verse-finding skills.

Start by wrapping verse 7 together with something nice. You can either include a sweet treat, like a chocolate egg, or perhaps something to decorate your house or dining table with (for example, some cheerful bunting, pretty serviettes, candles etc). In the next layer, add verse 6 with some smaller nice thing. Keep going like this until each verse and treat is wrapped.

When it's time to play, seat everyone in a circle and put on some celebration music. You might want to find your favourite Easter Day worship songs or hymns - songs like "Oh Happy Day" or "Thine be the glory" - and play.

Pass the parcel around the circle and appoint an adult to randomly press pause on the music. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel must strip the outer layer of wrapping off the parcel and read the Bible verse. They get to either eat the treat or add the decoration to your house.

Continue like this until you have no more layers, making sure that everyone gets a go. If you are playing this in a church context, make sure you only have 7 people in each group playing - if you are more than that, make more parcels to make sure everyone has a turn.