This song was written by Geoff and Jo Burr together with their children Danny, Asher and Tabitha.

It's a great all-age song that can easily be used for outdoor worship. During the verses, you can get people in your group to call out examples for each colour (e.g. blue sky). The chorus is simple enough to learn quickly and to sing from memory. 

This song is featured in our 'Worship in the Woods' book which offers 10 service plans for interactive outdoor worship. The recording was produced by Timo Scharnowski (with vocals from the Burr family) and the video was made by Gemma Scharnowski. Feel free to use the song and video in worship contexts, both gathered and online.


We’re amazed by the blue... [sea/sky?]
And grateful for the white... [snow/polar bear?]
Help us care for the green... [grass/jungles?]
And look after the black... [bears/panthers?]
We’re amazed by the red... [flowers/volcanoes?]
And grateful for the grey... [whales/koala?]
Help us care for the pink... [coral/pigs?]
And look after the brown... [wrens/soil?]

God you made them all,
and you made us too,
what a mighty God,
we will worship You.
Give us hearts that love,
give us hands that care,
for the world you made
for us all to share.

Written by the Burr family, used with permission.