Here's a simple activity to engage with as a congregation or group as you think about what it means to 'let our light shine'.


Think of some good deeds that the people in your church might do, for example, care for a lonely person, visit the old people's home, pick up litter, campaign for justice, give generously and so on. You will know your community and the needs of your area best.

Write these good deeds one by one on sticky labels, and stick to electric tea lights (or write directly on the side of the light with a permanent marker).

Before the service, switch the lights on and hide around the room. Vary the amounts of tea lights depending on how long you have and how many people might be willing to engage with the activity.

During the service:

First read Matthew 5:16 and perhaps mention what a silly idea it is to hide lights.

Next, teach the group the following response:

Leader: What good is a hidden light?

All: None at all!

Leader: We can do *a good deed*

All: We can let our light shine!

After this, ask everybody to go and search for the hidden lights, and when they have found one, to join you at the front.

For each tea light found repeat the response which you have practised, but instead of *a good deed* ask the finder to read out the good deed written on the light. If the finder cannot read yet, ask them to simply hold the tea light up as you read the good deed.