This set of intercessions is designed at one level to give room for everyone to pray as an individual, but to join everyone together to sing a common refrain. To do this, there is a musical soundtrack to be accompanied by a Powerpoint, which outlines what people should pray for, when.

The idea is you start the track, 'Hear Our Prayer' going. First of all, there is a chance to teach people how the refrain goes. So, after a short introduction, the refrain 'Hear Our Prayer O Lord, hear Our Prayer. Hear Our Prayer O Lord, hear Our Prayer' is sung to teach people how it goes. There is then a short gap and it is sung again to give people a chance to have a go at singing it. There is then another short gap before the refrain is sung twice, beginning the time of intercessions. There is then a longer musical interlude; the first space for people to pray themselves. The refrain is then sung twice. This is followed by two further music interludes, each getting progressively louder, each followed by the refrain sung twice. There is then a musical outro for the leader to gather the prayers together. If this sounds complicated, have a listen to the track, all will become clear!

In the attached Powerpoint, I have suggested people pray for themselves, their imediate community, and the wider world in each subsequent musical interlude. This is merely a suggestion, and any three topics could be used! I envisaged people praying more loudly each time and the refrain being a tool to draw people back together, but do experiment and see what works best in your context.