This is a fun way to present the story of John heralding the coming of Jesus. It touches on themes of expectation, waiting and preparing for the coming of Christ, making it ideal for Advent.

There are six named parts here: two different reporters, John the Baptist, a child, a businesswoman (or man!) and a soldier. Jesus doesn't have to actually appear; he's just pointed out in the distance. If you don't have six people, the first reporter can become part of the scene and take a different part straight after his/her line. If you have only 4 people, the child and the soldier can be played by the same person, swapping costumes while the businesswoman is talking.

This sketch was originally written for and first performed by GenR8 in 2009.


Excerpt of script:

Newsdesk Now, breaking news from the river Jordan, where a huge crowd has gathered to wait for the arrival of someone really exciting. Over to our reporter [name], live on the scene.

(Everyone now creates the scene of John the Baptist talking to a crowd of people: a child, a businesswoman, and a soldier are among them. They mime in the background while the 'live reporter' talks into a microphone.)

Reporter: Yes, thank you [name], that's right, I'm standing here at the river Jordan where a crowd has been gathering all morning and listening to this guy you can see behind me. His name is John, and he's a bit strange - as far as I can tell, he's wearing bits of animal fur and he seems to be actually living out in the desert - anyway, he's telling the crowd that the person everyone is waiting for is on the way right now and that we all need to get ready. Let's talk to some members of the crowd and see if we can find out what that means. (To child) Excuse me? Have you actually spoken to this John guy?

Child: Yeah, I have.

Reporter: So, who do you think this special person is that's coming?

Child: I dunno. Someone really really famous maybe, like a footballer or a pop star.

Reporter: I see. And what did John tell you to do to get ready?

Child: He told me I had to be good and share all my things with my brothers and sisters.

Reporter: Well, that sounds a funny way to prepare for somebody famous! Let's see what someone else thinks. Madam?...

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