These slides for intercession could be used in any service, but are designed as an accompaniment to the RESOUNDworship "Songs for Sundays" project. In particular, they can flow out of or around the song God Our Father. This song sets the Lord's Prayer into verse form.

You can sing verses 1 and 2, the chorus, verse three and repeat the chorus. Then you could show the slides provided, and encourage people to pray for situations related to the text and images on the slides. Depending on your church culture, you could encourage people to pray out-loud, or quietly in their hearts. You can then lead them in singing "Let your Kingdom come/Let your will be done" over the situation they've been praying for.

Five prayer slides are provided but you could cut this down if you wish. As a close to the time of prayer you could sing the bridge "For the kingdom and the power..."

You can download the PowerPoint of the prayer by signing in and clicking on the links to the right.

For more resources in this series visit this page and for all the RESOUNDworship songs visit their website. You can order the CD of 11 songs here.