Mary's song of thanks and praise to God (or the 'Magnificat' if you want to sound impressive) has been interpreted in all sorts of ways through the years - but probably never quite like this! Helpfully, Bob has included two versions. The first is simply a creative paraphrase to be spoken by the reader. The second uses his characteristic style of including the congregation in actions and phrases. Feel free to make use of either, or adapt them for your situation.

Excerpt from the Active version:

Reader A - Hold up your pretend magnifying glasses, everyone. Now look through them and repeat after me. "God, you are so much bigger than I can imagine!"

Reader B - And that's why I rejoice whenever I think of you. Everyone stand up and wave your arms and shout, "God you are MASSIVE!" Now, stay on your feet.

Reader A - Now bow your heads. And repeat after me."For you have seen my humble circumstances."

Reader B - And turned things around for me so that everyone, everywhere will say forever how blessed I am. Now wave your arms and shout "I'm BLESSED!"

Reader A - Why should this be so? Flex your muscles, everyone, and repeat after me "For the mighty one has shown his power in me."

Reader B - Wave your arms and shout "And his name is Holy!"

Reader A - Bow your heads again and repeat after me "He shows mercy to those who respect him."

Reader B - "From one generation to the next and even the one after that."...

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