Interested in outdoor worship? Check out our Worship in the Woods book of 10 outdoor gatherings.

We're enjoying a rare spell of sun and warmth in the UK at the moment, and church indoors (especially if it's upstairs, in what feels like a large sauna, like ours) seems wrong. The outdoors lends itself to worship, with God's creation all around. The Bible is also full nature references and metaphors. The seven prayer stations in this set are based on things you may find in a garden; trees, flowers, water, hills, thorns, fruit and earth. You could choose to use only the stations that you have the location and props for, or you can add extra things to your garden to make all the stations possible.

Download the pdf (to the right) with instructions of how to set each station up and another pdf with the posters to help the worshippers, and let me know how you get on!

We've produced a whole book of Outdoor Worship ideas, ideal for mixed-age groups - take a look here.