This PowerPoint was created for the UK act of Remembrance (second Sunday of November). It is designed to be used with the track "Elegy for Dunkirk" from the soundtrack to the film "Atonement" by Dario Marionelli. You can purchase this track from iTunes and other online mp3 stores. You could also choose different music, live or recorded, or use no music at all.

The PowerPoint is designed to be used like this:

  • 10.55 - Explain that you will watch a PowerPoint with music and prayer points, leading up to the time of 2 minutes silence. Explain that at 11am the music will fade and you will observe the silence, with just the images on the screen.
  • 10.58 - Start the PowerPoint and the music track. The slides forward automatically each 18 seconds.
  • 11.00 - At 2.22 on the music track fade it to silence (after the choir has sung the hymn). The PowerPoint repeats the images without the prayer points. It ends after just over 2 minutes, with a scripture passage from Psalm 46.

The idea behind this is that people get a few minutes to prayerfully prepare themselves before the two minutes silence begins. The images and prayer points seek to cover both historic and current conflicts, close to home and far away. The images are all from Unsplash. Thanks to Becca Smith for the suggestion of the music.

We hope this will be helpful in your services.