We've recently been creating and using these scribble reflection sheets. They can be used in private prayer, or in a small group or even a whole congregation. It could be done in silence, or with instrumental background music. Each person reads the Bible text, and engages with the questions as much as they would like. They can doodle on the page, write answers or prayers, or just let God speak to them through the text. There are no 'right answers' or pressures to fill in all the boxes - this is not a worksheet!

In a group or church service, you could invite people to share what God spoke to them through their reading. You could also read the Psalm extract all outloud together at the end, as a way of bringing this individual worship back into the corporate place. The overall aim is that God speaks to his people through his word as we dwell on it.

The image below is a low-resolution preview. To download the full pdf, sign in or sign up, and click on the link above/right.