This song has been written for our Worship in the Waiting Advent series. The video comes as a free download when you buy the Church Pack, and can be used in online services (please report on your CCLI licence). Alternatively, you can buy the video download here.

This is a new lyric to the tune of "Good King Wenceslas" (or "TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM”, public domain), with a new chorus. You can download the lead sheet and a version with the key change notated for free. Again, please report photocopying on your CCLI licence.


We have heard the distant bells
ring out “Christ is coming”.
We have heard the angels tell:
God is on his way.
We’ve seen first-fruits, signs of life,
bursting through the darkness.
In a world of fear and strife,
hope is here to stay.

How long, until you come to reign?
How long, until you come again?

One day there will be no pain,
sorrow or injustice.
Jesus will return again
wiping tears away.
Now we sing lamenting songs,
while the chords are broken,
join in the martyrs in “How long?”,
how long must we wait?

Rays of light, a glimpse of dawn,
while the night still lingers.
Earth it groans to be reborn,
help us watch and pray.
Clothe us in the ways of Christ,
ready for his coming.
Worshipping through daily life,
hastening the day,
when you come to reign.

Words and chorus © Sam Hargreaves, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd. 

Please remember to report any usage on your CCL license. CCLI # 7162770