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Biblical teaching and practical training for your local church worship team. Alongside a free online video course, this book will encourage and inspire musicians and leaders, drawing from Sara and Sam’s broad experience and enthusiasm for creative, Christ-centred worship.

Explore how Jesus is not only the God we worship, but also the true worship leader who makes our worship possible. His life and ministry provide the perfect model for how we can lead congregations in the contexts we findourselves. The book delves into how we can be both:

Humble Servants and Leaders with Authority,

Creative Communicators and Reliant on the Spirit.

This is the fully revised, updated and expanded second edition of How Would Jesus Lead Worship, reflecting the journey Sara and Sam have been on in the eleven years since the first edition. 

We're offering generous bulk discounts so you can get a copy for each member of your team.

Video training course also available on USB memory stick.

We are particularly excited about the possibilites for growth within a local church when members combine reading the book with the free video course. Watch the trailer below: