Whole Life Worship: Journey Pack will provide everything a church needs to continue the journey we unpack in the book Whole Life Worship: Empowering Disciples for the Frontline. It comes complete with:

  • five flexible service plans for a series on Whole Life Worship
  • sermon outlines
  • five group discussion sessions
  • song and hymn suggestions with web links.

This new re-print of the Pack no longer features a USB pen. Instead, there’s a code on the inside back cover, with a web address. Use this information to access and download five animated videos, PowerPoints, printable sheets and much more. 

The material is diverse, intended for a wide range of settings (traditional and modern, all-age and adults, text-based and image-based, songs and hymns). It takes you through five themed Sundays, which could be run as a weekly series, monthly, or as a church weekend. Alternatively you could just pick ideas for your usual services.

This pack has been developed alongside the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and co-written with Neil Hudson and Joe Warton. Mark Greene of LICC has written:

"Brimming with creative ideas and fresh approaches, this unique and innovative resource is designed to help you shape and lead worship services that help your congregation connect the worship they offer on Sunday with the lives they live for Christ out in the world, Monday to Saturday."

Also - check out the small group Study Guide booklet - just £2 each (only available directly from LICC).

One of the animated videos from the Journey Pack:

Worshipping engages our whole lives from LICC on Vimeo.