A six-session worship training course for worship teams in local churches. How Would Jesus Lead Worship combines biblical teaching with practical training by Sara and Sam Hargreaves.

Download our free Leaders Guide pdf, and buy a copy of the accompanying book How Would Jesus Lead Worship for each member of your team to read between sessions. The 12 videos are free to stream below, but some people might find it more convenient to buy them on a memory stick.

In the current climate, this would work really well as something for worship teams to do from their homes while isolated and unable to gather. Watch the videos, and then discuss them over video or text chat. Let us know how this works for you!

The course is organised so you can run it as six evenings, each with two videos. Video A in each session contains biblical teaching on the person of Jesus - how he makes the way to us to come to the Father in worship, and how the example of his earthly life can inspire us to be Christ-like worship leaders. These sessions cover how we can be Humble Servants, Leaders with Authority, Creative Communicators and Reliant on the Spirit

Video B in each session is more practical, covering issues such as choosing songs, leading the congregation, arranging for a band and developing spontaneity. If you would rather not run this as a 6 week course you can simply choose from the videos which best fit your situation.

Below are the 12 videos - or go to the whole YouTube playlist.

1A - Jesus Our Worship Leader

1B - Why Do We Sing?

2A - Humble Servant

2B - Planning a Journey of Worship

3A - Leader with Authority Part 1

3B - Leading the Congregation

4A - Leader with Authority Part 2 (team building)

4B - Arranging Songs and Leading Musicians

5A - Creative Communicator

5B - Adding Creative Elements in Worship

6A - Reliant on the Spirit

6B - Leading Spontaneity 

Gifts of grace

We're hugely grateful to all the people who donated to the crowdfunding appeal which has made these videos free for all. They are named in the book and each video has a sponsor named at the end. We also want to thank the brilliant Nick Veira for his tireless skills and efforts in filming and editing the videos, Richard Lyall for typesetting the book, and everyone else who has contributed their time, creativity and prayers into this project.