Between May 13th - May 23rd 2021, communities and churches around the world will be gathering together to pray for Thy Kingdom Come. This has been initiated by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and churches of many denominations, sizes and styles are taking part.

We have produced a Family Prayer Adventure Journal - a 24 page, A4 full-colour book of activities, Bible stories and prayer ideas to lead you on a journey of going deeper in prayer. Find out about an accompanying Podcast here.

In addition, we thought we'd also post a bunch of ideas which you could use in different settings throughout the ten days, or beyond. At the bottom are is also a list of suggested songs you could use through the season.

Ideas for prayer rooms

Courage Prayer Stations
There are eight stations here but you could use a limited number, as fits your room and the themes you want to draw out.

"We're Going On A Prayer Hunt" Outdoor Prayer Stations
The "Bearing Fruit", "Prayer Leaves", "World" and "Tongues" stations fit the Thy Kingdom Come themes particularly well. These can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Ideas for church services

Hidden Lights Activity
A hide-and-seek prayer activity to help you think about how we can let out light shine before people. Particularly suitable for an inter-generational setting.

Pester Power Parable
A re-writing of the parable of the Persistent Widow, by Bob Hartman. A good biblical way to introduce the idea of persistent prayer.

Intercessory Response based on Luke 18:7-8
If you let the parable of the Persistent Widow to inspire you to pray, here is a response from the parable which you can use as part of your intercessions (with PowerPoint slide).

Contagious Perfume
Simple, multi-sensory idea that can get people thinking about how they can be a bringer of the 'fragrance of Christ' wherever they go.

Prayers of intercessions based on Revelation 21
Knowing our future hope can help us pray for today.

Lord's Prayer - rewrite and mime
Two versions of the Lord's Prayer by Dave Hopwood.

The Thy Kingdom Come season begins at Ascension - see ideas for that day here - and ends on Pentecost Sunday - Pentecost themed ideas here.

Ideas for families or small groups

ACTS Prayer Beads
You can create these as key-rings or bracelets as a group. The "S" (supplication) section could be specifically aimed at praying for other people to know Jesus - you could even have five beads to help you with the Thy Kingdom Come challenge to pray for five people.

Praying Hands
This simple idea of tracing around your hand could be expanded to include the names of other people you are praying for.

Lord's Prayer worship and prayer
This uses the Lord's Prayer as a structure for a time of worship and prayer.

Songs and Hymns

God our Father - Sam Hargreaves
Sam's song is a contemporary setting of the Lord's Prayer, with a refrain "Let Your Kingdom come" that you can sing over the situations you are praying for. We recorded a living room version leading into prayer here.

City on a Hill - Nick and Becky Drake
Simple yet powerful all-age friendly song, committing ourselves to shining the light of Jesus in the world.

We seek your Kingdom (to "Abide with me") - Noel Robinson, Andy Flannagan, Graham Hunter
New words to familliar tune, asking God to make us ambassadors for him in every sphere.

There must be more - Tim Hughes
Asking God to fill us with his Spirit to make a difference for him.

For the sake of the world - Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Joel Taylor
Modern song asking God to light a fire in us, for the sake of the world he loves.

Build your Kingdom - Rend Collective
Rousing song asking God to bring his Kingdom through his church. We have also done this in a quiet, reflective way which helps bring out the words.

O God of Burning Cleansing Flame - William Booth
Salvation Army hymn, fits well for the final Pentecost Sunday of the season.

Lord You Hear the Cry - Geraldine Latty
Song of intercession for our broken world.

Spirit Break Out - Ben Bryant, Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon, Tim Hughes
Contemporary sounding song combining the Lord's prayer with a call for the Spirit to move.