These are some of the messages we've received so far:

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Thanks so much for your resources in this lockdown season particularly. We have been really blessed as a church by using them!

Stephen Wright

Thank you for providing this wonderful selection of resources. God bless you.


Fantastic digital worship resources for remaining spiritually connected!


Many thanks to the engage worship team for using your gifts and talents to serve the Church. Our Church has greatly benefited from the resources you have shared on the website. May the Lord bless you in all you do for Him!


Thank you for what you're doing, they are a real blessing particularly at this time.

Philip Simpkins

Thank you for some excellent resources which have been much appreciated as we have used them in worship.

Phil Hughes

Thanks for your easter resources during the Lockdown. The church has really been blessed by them.


Thank you for beautiful words and beautiful images and beautiful sounds - so needed in these difficult days.

sarah hayes

Thank you for providing resources which have enabled us to produce on-line services which engage such a wide congregation. Your provision has made possible something I would not otherwise have attempted, and touches people in a way I could not have done.


Thanks for helping us facilitate worship during this time of global upheaval and worldwide pandemic.


Just a little encouragement for all the amazing ways you are resourcing the church! Sending this with prayers for you all and for engageworship.


Thank you so much for this ministry. It has provided a wellspring of creative ideas for worship during this time of social distancing. Socially distant but spiritually connected!


Thanks for all your great resources. I've used a number of them in worship and they have been well received.


Thanks for your creativity and willingness to share .

Rev. Gay Albers, USA

Thank you for your beautiful worship offerings! I am grateful that I can come and access fresh resources and ideas and be a part of your larger ministry. God bless you all!


Brilliant, well crafted resources that really encourage greater creativity in worship. Thank you.

Nick Butler

Thanks for all you do in developing innovative worship resources


Your resources are special and inspiring. May God continue your creativity and though it may you continue to bless others and share the Kingdom.


I just wanted to thank you for the many creative ideas you have helped me with as I have sought to engage people in worship at our services.


Thank you for the Advent readings we used in our church


I used the Tiny poems on our Facebook page. Simple and 'different'! They fitted what I wanted to portray visually as well. Thank you!

James Harvey

Thanks to you all for your amazing, creative and graciously available resources. I, and many that i speak to, are greatly blessed by who you are and what you offer. thank you.


I have been sharing the tiny Advent poems on Facebook every day and have had many comments of appreciation from a wide variety of people. The poems really seem to capture the anticipation of Advent, and each one evokes memories and stirs feelings. Thanks so much. Just wanted to make a donation to show my own appreciation. Could we have some tiny Lent poems?!

Mike Stock

thaks again for the brilliant resources you provide. There is always something stimulating to encourage us to make our worship varied while still being biblical and challenging. keep up the great work


Thank you so much for the thoughtful, inspiring, creative worship resources you gift to us each week.


Thank you so much for your resources. For a small church they are unbelievably helpful!


Thank you for the inspiration you give to the church. We have been in a two year vacancy (now happily filled) and your resources have helped us with some of those big services in the year. Your ideas are fresh and relevant, and we look forward to continuing to use your resources. May God bless you and the work your team is doing.


Thank you for the excellent resources. We love your Advent poems

Pamela Werner

Thank you for your work. I have recently found your work. It is thoughtful and I have found it quite helpful. I am leaving a donation for the Mary and Martha Slideshow which I plan to use this Sunday.

Barry Rose

Thank you for enabling our proclamation of God's love through creativity.

Joan Bower

Thanks so much for all your resources. They have been such a help to me especially at key times in the Christian calendar such as Easter and Christmas. There is material suitable for all ages and a range of format also. Thank you!

Margaret Gooderham

Extraordinary website with amazing resources totally inspired by the Spirit. So grateful to God for your imagination and creativity. I often lead worship in a very small village chapel and not only am I inspired by also others in the congregation are too. Thank you


What a wonderful gift Engage Worship has been. We used the resource "Wilderness Worship" and had one of the most meaningful Lents we have experienced. The ideas are fresh and adaptable. Thank you for being such a help to those of us who are Worship Planner and Leaders!


Thank you so much for all the creative inspiring resources you supply which are appreciated by all in the church family and a great resource/blessing to us as a group.


I loved your advent resources! Thank you


So grateful to God for the creative resource that is "engage worship". As a lay service leader the ideas, thoughts, reflections, powerpoints have proved invaluable.


Thank you for the resources you provide, they are such a blessing.


Thank you for all these wonderful resources!

Barry Rose

Thank you, we have been blessed by the resources that you have provided.


Thank you for your imagination and creativity that helps me and many others to use our own imagination and creativity to help others to use theirs !

Shirley DeLarme

Thank you for sharing your creative ideas. They inspire me, and they add to our worship. Your generosity blesses the generosity of God.

wbrian taylor

Lord Jesus - you used everyday people and everyday situations to convey and illustrate the divine truth - bless this resource so freely offered in your Name that your truth may reach out to today's generation - "The glory shall be all your own, the blessing, Lord, be ours." Amen


Thank you for offering these ideas for worship and engagement. I live in the USA and found this resource by divine intervention. I hope to use these in my congregation. Congratulations on 10 years.

Paul Hutchinson

Thanks for the resources guys, they're really helpful for my church. Keep up the good work!


The Remembrance Day prayers on PowerPoint were very well received - thank you!


You regularly offer alternative worship ideas that are a bit of fresh air. Thank you

(Rev) Brian Hoare

Thank you for these excellent resources. Keep up the good work and God bless your ministry.


I love the resources. I want to use them for our carol services. They are so accessible to the non-christian

Pat Bartker

Over a number of years I have found excellent resources for use in school and church. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing. God Bless you.

Nick Grew

I've found my passion for creative worship re-energised by your ministry - thank you!


Thank you keep up the good work

on the website

Your work is excellent, something I enjoy doing myself as a writer and pastor, but just didn't have the time to prepare. It will fit in well with the song I have written, Song of Wonder, for our Christmas Eve service. This is a valuable resource!


I do a lot of pulpit supply and I love your liturgy.


Thansk you so much for all your resources. God bless you!


Thank you so much for all your resources. God bless you.


Sustaining God Your Word sustains us, helps us grow as we reflect on various reflections prepared by Engage worship team. Bless them Lord as they bless your holy name. Amen.


Thank you for a really helpful resource


Thank you for your wonderful creative resource that is changing how many of us do worship. We use your ideas in our house group occasionally and they are an amazing blessing to all of us. May you continue to be fruitful for God and His Kingdom.

Dave Faulkner

Thank you for the rich, varied, creative, and edifying resources on the site. God bless you.


Thanks very much for the wonderful, creative and relevant resources you have created and share. May God continue to bless this ministry.

Gwen Wolford

Lord, I give thanks for this ministry which gives me so many great ideas to lead in worship and for the ways that You have used them to bless me and the people you have called me to serve. Please continue to bless this ministry with the provisions needed to fill the coming years with exciting worship materials and meaningful messages and training. Multiply the gifts of your servants in order that your kingdom would grow here on earth as in heaven. Amen


I pray that God continues to use this ministry. I just found this website and have been blessed already


I was looking for a poem to assist at this morning's service and found this site. I am sure in future I will return again to make use of the material as the spirit leads. The thoughts of. "we are one in Christ" perfectly meet the theme for this morning's word.


This is one of the best tools I've ever come across. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I celebrate your grasp on God's creativity, wonder, and desire for us to be moved emotionally (not just intellectually). Blessings!


A big thank you for the resources you offer us. They are so helpful as we seek to put together services that engage people in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way.

Paul McCreary

I learned of the website from reading Whole Life Worship, which has inspired me in my Christian walk and in leading worship. The website is a great resource to use for creative, Christ filled resources which can be used in personal and corporate worship. Thank you Sam and Sara for setting this up.


A very helpful, creative and sound internet based worship forum. I encourage your staff to continue the much appreciated ministry you bring to the body of Christ...bless


Heavenly Father Thank you for the creativity of all those who develop the resources for gathered worship in Engage Worship. Continue to inspire them by your Holy Spirit and use the results of their work to bless and build your church that we in turn might glorify your name. In Jesus name Amen


I have just found your site while searching for ideas to worship with Youth. I found it creative and inviting; a worship resource that can help me as I strive to bring the youth I know into a living relationship with the Living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father, you are a creating God and Our Worship should be living and vibrant. Continue to bless this ministry with your Creative Spirit and New Life. Amen

Alicia Holmes

Many thanks for great resources.


We are going to use your Easter scripts at a Holiday camp in Deva, Romania next week! Thanks! Jess


Thank you Lord for the engageworship who provide resources to help up in our worship. I pray your blessings upon them and grant wisdom that they continue to be a blessings to all generation. In Jesus's Name. Amen.

Mary Connell

Thanks for all the great resources. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Christopher Baker

Thank you for creating such user friendly resources for worship. Being someone who preaches and often leads worship at our church, I've found that they've inspired and uplifted me in preparing for services and have enabled me to enter into worship more easily, particularly as I'm someone who doesn't find the idea of intimacy with God very easy. Thank you again.

Fay Golding

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. I can always find something on your site to complement what I am planning. Thank you.

Rev. Sandy Olewine

Thanks for helping to spark, support and sustain creative and engaging worship. I appreciate the resources so much. May God's Spirit continue to inspire you as you offer those of us in the local church new ways to share the great Good News of Jesus.


Thank you so much for all you do. It's both inspirational and very practical. May God continue to bless us all and others through your ministry. With love Penny x

Rev Rach

Thank you so much for all your wonderful resources and for coming up to sunny Grange over Sands to lead 2 brilliant days of outdoor worship, one with the local schools and one for the church. We love using your material.

Stella at Cornerstone Resources

Until I started looking for resources for Schools and Churches to use, I had not come across Engageworship. Now, I pass your name on to lots and lots of people. You are brilliant and gifted. My prayers are with you for the next 10 years. Well done to you all.

Val T.

I pray that God will provide the insights, and continued motivation and zeal to use your gifts in enabling worship. May His grace and peace be yours always.

Pat Barker

I have enjoyed looking at and using your resources over a number of years - thank you to yourselves and your contributors for your generosity of spirit and for your ministry of the Word.


Thanks for the brilliant resources that have help me in leading services. You are a team of gifted people that share what God has given you to benefit others.

Jane Thompson

Thank you for the inspirational resources which have added to worship in 2 churches I have belonged to. Happy Anniversary.

Graham S

My wife and I have recently been commissioned to lead Anglican services in the diocese of Winchester, and we have found your website content a useful resource. Keep up the good work, and thank you.

John & Sue Hargreaves

Continuing encouragement


Thank you so much for all your creative ideas and resources - love them!

Douglas McClure

Really enjoyed finding your site. Truly enjoying the resources.


Thank you for helping us to add so much more to the worship life of our church. Happy Anniversary - here's to the next 10 and beyond.


I am so grateful for your creative worship ideas!

Susan T

I LOVE engageworship! What an incredible gift to the local church! The ideas are excellent both as-is and also as a jumping-off spot for creating new experiences for worship. I'm very grateful for the work you do!


Thanks for the many and varied resources, Happy anniversary.

Neil Walker

Kingdom service may feel tough at times, but is ultimately rewarding. Be assured, too, that your work is highly valued, widely used and much appreciated. Looking forward to the next 10 years.


Very much appreciate this amazing resource. Thank you for enabling so many to worship in diverse and creative, yet authentic ways. God bless your next ten years.

caroline lamb

Thank you a great resource and so easy to use

Louise Mathieson

Your site is a great place for inspiration and ideas! I've often appreciated finding just the right thing and also happily recommended it to many others. Praying God will continue to bless and sustain your ministry.


I have appreciated your creativity in presenting worship resources that I know are theologically congruent, and relate to the real life and experience of worshippers; connecting them (us) with God. thank you


I've used a few of your materials and experienced others of them in various settings. What you are doing is a valuable resource for helping the church engage people in worship. Thank you for using your creative gifts in God's service.

colin Baldwin

Thanks for the inspiration, your ministry affects so many people that you don't even know about.

Roger Blofeld

Always look to your site for new ideas; never disappointed. Bless you for all you do.

Rev. Casey Cain

Thank you for creative, truthful and meaningful resources. I have used them several times in a variety of worship services. Please use this donation to help continue your vital resource for those of us who are fortunate to have discovered your gem of a website.

Fran Smettem

Your resources have provided inspiration at times when I haven't known where to turn. Thank you for encouragement you haven't known you were providing!

Sarah Atkin

The resources you provide are invaluable. Many thanks !


when asked what other resources we used in creative worship at a workshop run by the Diocese recently I mentioned your website. I hope others took this on board.

Arthur Cowburn

Thank you for a vibrant, creative, useful resource

John Tasker

Thank you so much for engage worship's inspiring resources.

Wendy Van Den Bergh

I have found lots of good inspiration on the Engage website for use in our All Age informal worship service. This is a great resource and is on my favourite 'first stop' sites.


Very grateful to engageworship for all their resources (and to Resound too). Pleased to contribute towards the present and future.


It's great to know that there are creative & Godly people out there making creative & Godly ideas available for less creative but still Godly people to use to shine His glory to all. Thanks, you are greatly appreciated.

Rev Fiona Ellingham

Thank you for all the creativity you collectively produce. Our Carol service last year used a great variety of your resources including "welcome to our world", the interactive reading of John 1, the Christmas Intercessions and we regularly use the week52 resources for our Messy Church celebration time. The journals are great resources too as single pages as take home sheets. May God continue to bless you richly.


God bless your work. Love your creativity. Keep up the good work.

Rev John Cowan

Thank you for all the great resources that enhance worship!

Kathy Seibel

engageworship is my first stop to look for resources to include in our worship services. Thank you for providing such relevant material on the lectionary!

Rev. Ian McManus

Thank you for all the creative ideas. I have used several of the different prayer activities for Christmas Day worship and at various other times during the year.

Rev. Melissa A Fox

As a Worship Leader, I am always seeking new ways to help people engage with God's beauty and truth. Engageworship is an awesome collection of creative, inspirational resources. I have used several of the scripts and worship service ideas, plus I have been inspired to include aspects in our own worship planning. I appreciate you and hope you will be around for a long, long time. It is my pleasure to give a birthday gift to celebrate Engageworship!

Thanks for the helpful resources you publish.

Joanne Gibson

Thank you to all who contribute in any way, for all the resources available.


I use your material regularly and appreciate that you allow this use for free.

Rev. Tom Hagood

God's blessings on your next 10 years!


Just thanks for your resources and ministry and the timely reminder that just because you can download for free doesn't mean it costs nothing to make.

Andy Connolly

As someone who is exploring what it means to authentically worship, I thank you for the creative work that you continue to do. We have been blessed at All Nations Christian College by the resources and ideas that you have freely given. God bless you!!


Thank you for great resources.


Engage worship resources were so helpful when I was leading a Baptist congregation with limited income and no worship leader. Being able to worship in creative ways without music was so encouraging. Unfortunately the church was not sustainable and had to close but I have continued to use and re-use the material in my current situation. I have recently purchase the 'Worship in the wilderness' and the 'Simple worship' books for use in small groups. Thank you for your ministry, I have really appreciated it and been inspired by it.

Mark Rice

May God richly bless you in your continuing ministry.


Thank you for your ministry to those of us who seek inspiration in our own ministries! I so appreciate your website.

Sarah Atkin

Thank you for wonderful resources and great blessings


Thanks for all the wonderful, creative ideas.

John Waldron

Many thanks for your creative resource. Its an inspiration!

John Tasker

Thank you so much Sam and Sara for enabling us to have these wonderful resources for worship. I used the Christmas video 'You bring peace' on Remembrance Sunday last month, followed by an invitation to light a candle as a sign that the light of Christ will come into our situation. Everyone in the all age congregation came forward to do just that!

Rev Jane James

Thank you for all the inspiration.

sara alexander

I am always looking for fresh ways to engage teenagers in worship and your website is a wonderful tool for that. Thank you for this excellent resource.


You have consistently been a source of high quality worship resources, ones both creative and thoughtful. And full of faith. Thank you so much for so being so generous, building up the body of Christ and enhancing its ministry!


I just discovered this wonderful website! I have truly been enjoying all of your creative ideas, and would love to support this work through prayer and through donations. Can I send a donation from the US using my debit card? May our good Lord continue to inspire and direct you as you lead others in developing and providing creative and engaging worship!

Christine Smaller

Thank you for all you do.


I found engageworship by chance searching for contemporary praise ideas to use in a small Church of Scotland youth event amongst 16 teenagers - it went down a storm and now its one of my go to resources - Thank you team for all the work you do

Dr Sandra Brower

I did my doctoral research on the theology of worship and I teach units on worship at Cliff College, a Methodist college in Derbyshire. I've been using Whole Life Worship as one of the core texts for the unit on Resourcing Worship, and it's great to have resources like this (and the website) where I can direct students engaged in the practical task of planning worship. So thanks for how you contribute to this vital task of the Church.


Loving God, you have graciously given gifts to your people to build up, encourage and inspire our worship. Bless them now as by your Spirit you bring new and fresh ways of sharing the Good News of Jesus, Immanuel, God With us , Prince odf Peace and hope of the world. Amen


We've found the Engage resources inspiring and useful over the years, and in particular the idea of "Unfinished Worship" is one that has made a profound difference. Most recently we have been using the Whole Life Worship material for a Sunday series and in our small groups, and have had a lot of positive feedback about both content and the resources. One group said there was so much in the video clips they watched one three times in a row!


Loving God, Thank you for the creativity that has inspired this website. May these resources be used to inspire others and in turn lead more to worship, to know you and your love. amen

Jon & Sarah JOY

Congratulations on ten years! May God bless you even more mightily, from inspiration to brain to pen to keyboard to the download click, and beyond.

Matt & Eils

Engageworship has come to my aid many times when I've needed a creative prayer idea, some corporate gathering liturgy, all-age resources - all kinds of things. And Sam and Sara are generally marvellous, creative and godly people. Thanks for all you do! Blessings for the next ten years.

Gail Adcock

I've always been impressed by all that engageworship offer the Church! Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone! Sam and Sara made a big impact on our weekend event with family workers and opened all our eyes to the possibilities of worshipping creatively! Away from the norm and exploring how we can meet with God in a diverse range of ways and settings. I recommend your resources constantly - the family journals especially have been a regular in workshops I've led with children, youth and family workers. Keep doing all you do and be even more brilliant! The Church needs you!!


Engage Worship has been a very much valued part of my life for quite a few years now! Being a part of the EngageBand (I'm never that sure how to write it! Ha ha!) has resulted in much travelling to varied and interesting destinations (usually churches or conferences) and even more fun-filled creativity and music-making (the rehearsals are never long enough for me!), but I think over all of the other rich blessings that have been brought into my life through this ministry stands the new friendships I have made along the way! Sometimes I get really tired in ministry, but even in those times it is always a joy to rock up somewhere with Sam and Sara and others and just sit under their humble and capable leadership and to press down piano keys at the right time (most of the time I hope!) Thank you! May the Lord bless you and the entire Engage family!

Jeremy Perigo

Anytime I need creative, contextual, smoking hot, theological rich, sleek, pastorally sensitive, biblically infused worship content, I GO TO ENAGE WORSHIP!! Congrats to Sam and Sara on 10 years!!! I can't wait to see what the next 10 years holds for this amazing ministry.

Arben Xhako

Sara and Sam taught at the first ever Worship School in Albania, in a country that even wrought in constitution that God don't exists. Thanks Sam & Sara and kids and thank you engageworship!

Alwyn Frost

So many thanks for your time in Hemingford Grey. Blessings on your future ministry

Karen Langtree

I first met Sam and Sara a couple of years ago when they led a retreat at Wydale for our young people and parents. They overwhelmed us with their simple and effective worship leading and we all felt drawn closer to God. Recently I went on the Harrogate Whole Life Worship event and the day was utterly brilliant. I came away fired up to follow God's calling to lead worship, wherever he puts me. That was a very emotional moment for me. And who knows, I may even get back to some more prolific song-writing. Happy Birthday Engage!

Stuart Mitchell

Congratulations on 10 years and every blessing for the future

Joel Payne (Resound Worship)

I've been privileged to work with Sam and Sara from the very first day of engageworship and full of admiration for the way their ministry has grown, contributors have emerged from all kinds of places generously giving their talents, and their influence in the wider worship scene has been firmly established. At Resound Worship we've had several opportunities to partner with them on projects and we love the way they bring a holistic approach to our rather more narrow world of songwriting. On a more personal level I've frequently used the resources in small groups, and my vicar at church is always turning up with a new engage prayer he has found. They are thoroughly influential across my worship life! Congratulations both of you. In the words of the apostle, 'I thank my God every time I think of you.'

Timo & Gemma Scharnowski

Always creative, always honest, always biblical, always fun. We love Engage!

Neil Hudson from LICC

Things change when people start conversations that begin with the immortal words: 'What if?' That's how LICC's partnership with Sam and Sara began. In a coffee shop, wondering what might be possible. We knew that too much of the church's worship is cocooned in the spheres of the sacred and the firmly private areas of life. We knew that if we are to see the culture of the UK church change so that whole life discipleship becomes the norm for every Christian, we need to help worship leaders have the vision and the resources to introduce change on the ground in local church communities all across the nation. That's what Whole Life Worship has made possible. Working with Sam and Sara has been eye-opening, energising and envisioning. We are so grateful for their partnership with us. They make things possible. Making things simple takes really depth of understanding and years of experience. So congratulations on this first decade. May God bless you in all that lies ahead as we continue to pray that God will draw people to himself and then send them out to serve him in his world - wherever that may be.

Jo Squires

You guys are awesome. Your creativity and passion to make things excellent is an inspiration. Happy 10th Birthday Engage Worship!!

Peter Cunliffe / St James' Church Hemingford Grey

Sam and Sarah brought engageworship to us personally as our Worship Ministers back in 2008 and for a couple of years. They changed the worship landscape and made us hungry, not for more rock but for more encounter with our living God. Thank you Sam and Sarah and Engageworship for all you did and continue to do to bless the Church.

Bob Hartman

Such fun to work with you on Area 52, at Spring Harvest and in other places. Praise God for his goodness.

Dave Hopwood

It has been a pleasure to be involved, contributing bits of writing to AREA 52 and getting to know the engageworship team. Bless you folks for the next 10 years!

Sunil Chandy

Felicitations on your anniversary.

Amy Robinson

In our context, a little rural church, it has been great to have so many creative ideas flooding in from you. Thank you!

Stuart Gray

Eils Osgood

Happy birthday guys!! Engage worship has been a huge blessing and incredible resource to me over the past ten years, even in the variety of roles I have had in that time. I can remember in my days working at Tearfund, organising a student conference which Sam and Sara came to and provided all kind of creative ways of praying, and helped us to bring worship and justice together in such an inspiring way. Since then, first as a worship director and now in the last few years as an ordained minister, engage is so often my 'go to' place when I am planning gathered worship and looking for ideas and resources to enrich the experience for those I will be leading. I have greatly appreciated attending some of the training that Sam and Sara have run over the years too - always really thought provoking and highly practical, with easy to implement suggestions that bring more breadth and depth to the way I lead worship. THANK YOU Sam and Sara, you are such a gift to the church. Happy Birthday!

Roger Peach

An important part of my role as Music Director at St Andrew’s Oxford is developing our team of worship leaders, including mentoring worship team members with leadership potential. Two weeks ago I met with one of the team one-to-one for the first time, and we were establishing what to focus on in our mentoring sessions. He said he was keen to explore the idea of how to worship God throughout the week, not just on Sundays. I was immediately able to find him an excellent resource! I gave him a copy of Whole Life Worship, and we’ve agreed to meet up regularly, using the book as a springboard to discussion. Two weeks before that I’d lent out my other copy to one of our established worship leaders, showing that this book can be valuable at many different levels.

Richard Lyall

I've really enjoyed contributing visual worship ideas to the website, and also collaborating with you on live events such as Spring Harvest and the Engage Worship days. Happy 10th Birthday!