This is a script for two actors, imagining the angel Gabriel seeking to inform a local bureaucrat about the upcoming massed choir of angels the same evening. Download the script as a PDF on your right.


Sample of the script:

Official: Next, please. Name?

Gabriel: Gabriel

Official: Address

Gabriel: Heaven, I suppose

Official: Sorry. I can’t locate that on Google Earth. Don’t you have a postcode?

Gabriel: We don’t need one. Messages are always safely delivered.

Official: So where on earth do you live?

Gabriel: Everywhere and nowhere I suppose.

Official: Mr Gabriel, I’m a busy person. It’s not quiz time. Tell me where you’ve been?

Gabriel: Lots of places. I am a messenger, you see. Recently I’ve been in Nazareth, before that in Jerusalem and now I’m in Bethlehem

Official: (writing) No fixed abode.  Purpose of visit?  First let me tell you you’re not eligible for housing benefit, emergency payments, resettlement grants, pension credits....

Gabriel: (Interrupting) I am claiming nothing. It’s a courtesy call really. I wanted to inform you of something. It‘s a flying visit. But there seems to be a problem?     

Official: What problem, Mr Gabriel?

Gabriel:  I, well not me exactly but my boss, was planning to hold a big celebration tonight with music, massed choirs and light effects. It’s nearby so He thought you’d be pleased to know in advance.

Official: You’ll need a permit


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