This song by AdAM PaRKeS explores themes of unity in Christ, diversity and the family of a worldwide church in a unique way, not often found in contemporary worship songs. It's also very catchy and easy to pick up and sing along with.

This became our "theme song" when we led in the Alternative Celebration at Spring Harvest 2017 (Minehead 1). Adam has kindly agreed to share the music with you (at least until he has a more proper recording!) For now you can grab the lead sheet or the sheet music, and make use of Sam's rough demo so you get an idea of how it goes.

All the walls that could divide us,
now broken down in Jesus,
and though we are still different
he makes us one.
No-one better than another,
we all need faith in Jesus,
for only he can save us:
he makes us one.

We are yours, we belong,
every daughter, every son,
we are one, we're the family of God.
Rich and poor, old and young,
every nation, every tongue,
we are one, we're the family of God.

We were dead in sin and helpless,
now made alive in Jesus,
he purchased our forgiveness,
he makes us one.
So when others sin against us
we will forgive in Jesus,
nothing shall separate us,
he makes us one.

We were lost and lonely strangers,
now we are found in Jesus,
in him we find each other,
he makes us one.
Clothed in Christ we share the promise
all will be ours in Jesus.
We're blessed to bless all others,
he makes us one.

(c) Adam Parkes 2016