These are three packs of high-quality photographs themed around the cross of Christ, available to purchase for download.

Each Lent at our church, we open our services with a short liturgy - each week focussing on a different symbol from the Passion story. I thought it would be helpful to have some photographs to use as backgrounds for those, and also for reflections, song slides or videos.

I've put together these three packs - colour, monochorome and white backdrop - to give you some higher quality images than you might be able to find on some of the free image sites. You can preview the images in each pack below.

We're offering a single pack of images for £2, or you can get all 3 for £5. (Once you have clicked on each of the 'buy now' tabs the price will be discounted).

Colour Pack:


Monochrome Pack:


"On White" Pack:


As with all stock imagery, there's a few licencing notes to remember. Essentially, you can use these in your church and modify them if you like, but you can't sell them, give them to anyone else or share them online. If you'd like more details, read the Full Licence Agreement.