This is a wonderfully vivid poem, based on Isaiah 40 and Mark 1, which unpacks the ministry of John the Baptist.

Extract from the poem:

John the baptist,
John Bulldozer,
John the wrecking ball:
levelling mountains, laying roads,
shouting out his call:
No time left!
The Saviour comes!
Get ready, one and all!

Prepare the way,
Make straight the path,
and fill the valleys in;
knock down the mountains of your doubts,
make smooth the soil of sin,
the Lord is coming, shout it out!
His glory will be seen!

John the baptist,
wild and hairy,
eats what he can find.
Not one to tiptoe round the truth,
He says what's on his mind:
No time left!
The Kingdom comes!
Now don't get left behind!

Prepare the way,
make straight the path,
for we are grass and flowers;...

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