This motion graphics video was made for the Tearfund 'Journey' student justice conference. It is based on a track by Steve Leach from his album 'Right here in this room', where he has remixed a Louie Giglio sermon. We wanted to contrast the worldly hunger to consume 'more' with the fact that we have more than we could ever know what to do with in Jesus. The talk on that night of the conference was by Mark Powelly who leads a community called Breathe. They are exploring the (almost lost) Christian discipline of Simplicity - so if this video grabs your attention, check out their other resources at

The Youtube version below is quite poor quality, so to use this in church or just to get the full impact download the full version from the box above right (log in, right click and choose 'Save As') - there is an mpg which will play on PCs, through PowerPoint or song projection software. Or there is a mov (Quicktime) file which will run on Macs, or on PCs with Quicktime.