This is a 'flow' or structure of worship, taking its shape from Psalm 103. Sam wrote it for a session at the LST Summer School 2014, as an example of how worship can be shaped by the structure, themes and words of a specific psalm (read more about the process in this article).

The words of the psalm are read in different ways - by individuals, groups and silently. At times they are reflected upon, to inspire praise, confession and intercession. I have also included in the Leaders Instructions some suggestions of songs that we sang, interspersed within the psalm reading. I have not included the texts of these in the PowerPoint, partly due to copyright reasons, but also because you may wish to find alternatives which are more appropriate to your congregation. You can add the words to the blank slides on the PowerPoint, or use your own books or projection software.

It would be possible to do this without the PowerPoint at all, by simply giving out Bibles and leading people through the flow in that way (perhaps with very simple songs everyone knows by heart?) Or you could even write your own music based on some of the lines of the psalm! Feel free to adapt as you like.