This song was written for, and inspired by, the women of Azalea, Luton. This is an amazing charity that Sam and Sara are involved with, working with the most vulnerable women in Luton. The song came out of a training session run by Claire Holcombe, where she talked about ideas like "we're all in recovery" and Sam sat scribbling down a song!

Since then the song has been used regularly at Azalea's Alpha evenings, and seems to connect in a way that some other worship songs don't. The theme is around God recovering the real "you", the person he made you to be.

Please feel free to use the video, the mp3 or to have the song led or performed by live musicians. If you want to know more about Azalea or give to their work, visit their website.

We’re all in recovery
we are all on a journey of change.
We’re not where we want to be,
but just look at the distance we’ve made.

We’re offered acceptance,
we are known, we are loved come what may.
There’s always another chance,
taking steps, making choices each day.

Recover me, God of welcome, God of peace.
Jesus set me free to be how you see me.

We’re all seen as beautiful,
and we each have a gift we can share.
Our stories are meaningful,
there’s a friend who will listen and care.

Come with your peace, come and rebuild.
We’re coming empty, we come to be filled