This liturgy was written to open the 'Emerging Worship' lab we did at WorshipConnect, and Sam recently reworked it for the 'Biblefresh' initiative. It could be very appropriate at the beginning of many services, or as the intro to a sermon or Bible reading. The leader speaks the bits in plain text, and the congregation the parts in bold.

Father, when I come to you hungry,
Perhaps it's because I haven't fed properly from your word.
Word of God, feed me.

There are times when I lose my way;
I feel like I'm going round in circles, unsure of my next step.
Word of God, lead me.

When I'm stuck in repetitive habits,
I know that you have more for me outside of this mediocrity.
Word of God, shake me.

Parts of my heart are cold towards the world you love.
Fill me with your compassion.
Word of God, break me.

"The word of God is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword."
Feed me with your wisdom,
lead me with your love,
shake me with your reality,
break me with your perspective
and rebuild me with your Holy Spirit's power.