This song by Sam has been re-recorded for the Christmas album. It focuses around the familliar Advent Bible passage from Isaiah 9, with echoes of some other scriptural texts about God's peace being evident in times of grief, trial and darkness. The opening line comes from John 14:27 - Jesus brings peace, but not as the world gives. We have made a video which can be downloaded for free from the link above (you will need to sign-up or sign-in to this site). Alternatively, we have created a PowerPoint with stills from the video which you could use if you were playing the song with a live band, or to accompany the mp3 in a simpler way.

The video inserts a suggestion to pray for a situation which needs God's peace, by clenching your fists and then releasing them. This could be used in any church service but we felt it might be particularly appropriate at a Christmas service where you want to pray for difficult situations in the world. It could also work very well during a UK 'Remembrance Day' service, or any sitation where you are thinking about war and peace.

The mp3 is available, as is the rest of the Christmas album, from the site, plus things like chord charts and piano scores so you could have a band play it live.

We have provided two video formats - .mov which is best for Macs and .mpg which is best for PCs.

Stills from the PowerPoint: