This song was written by Sam as a reflection on the themes of Lent, but it can work at any other time of the year. It focuses on meeting God in the hard places, allowing him to grow us through difficult times and trusting in him for a 'resurrection dawn'. Its based on Jesus' temptations in the desert, and the Israelites wandering in the wilderness.

You can download sheet music and other bits from, and get your musicians to play it. If you sing it in a service please record you usage in your CCLI returns. Alternatively you could just play the mp3 which is downloadable from the link above (log in or sign up, and right click on the link to save the mp3). There is also a PowerPoint which you could use as songwords for singing it, or just as a reflection.

We've often stripped back our worship bands during the period of Lent, to reflect the season and give people a break! So this song is intentionally simple and folky. Hope it is a blessing.

You lead us through the wilderness
and give us grace for trials and tests.
Your Holy Spirit shows the way
and in our weakness teaches us to pray.

We'll worship in the wilderness,
a dry and thirsty land.
We won't survive by bread alone
but by your Word, and guided by your hand.

As Jesus fasted forty days,
so help us turn from selfish ways,
to trust in you, and learn to give
for when we die to self we'll truly live.

You join us in our brokenness,
and comfort us in our distress,
For you're the hope of all who mourn
you lead us to your resurrection dawn.

Final chorus
We'll worship in the wilderness,
and trust the path you've planned.
You're faithful in the wilderness,
and by your grace we'll reach the promised land.

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