An intergenerational worship song based on 1 Corinthians 13. The resources for this come free when you buy the Whole Church Worship resource. Alternatively, the actions and lyric videos and MP3 are available for purchase here. You can also download the PowerPoint, lead sheet and chord charts for free.

Your love is patient,
your love is kind.
It doesn’t envy,
it does not boast.
Your love’s not selfish,
it keeps no record of wrongs.

I delight in your love,
I rejoice in the truth
that your love never fails me.

Always protecting, always surrounding,
I place my hope in your love.
Never rejecting, never neglecting,
I place my hope in your love,
my hope in your love.

Lord make me patient,
Lord make me kind.
Keep me from envy,
help me not boast.
Help me be like you,
and share your love with the world.

© Sam Hargreaves admin. CCLI # 7233799
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Lead vocal, guitars, bass: Sam Hargreaves
Keyboard: Adam Parkes
Drums, BVs: Timo Scharnowski
BVs: Gemma Scharnowski
Mix: Matt Weeks
Master: Luke Fellingham