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Journey with Jesus through the Desert for Lent.

"What place does sorrow have in worship?", "What does it mean to worship sacrificially?" and "Is there more to Lent than fasting from chocolate?" A life-giving journey, exploring biblical, creative and transformational themes, such as:

  • Ash Wednesday - A Secret Journey
  • First Sunday - A Spirit-led Journey
  • Second Sunday - A Simple Journey
  • Third Sunday - A Sorrowful Journey
  • Fourth Sunday - A Sacrificial Journey
  • Fifth Sunday - A truth-Speaking Journey
  • Palm Sunday - A Surprising Journey

This resource comes as a set of services for church leaders and planners, and alongside this a book of devotions for use by individuals.

NEW - you can now buy the books as PDF downloads, and a licence can be bought for the Personal Devotions allowing sharing or printing within a church or small group.

Worship in the Wilderness: Church Service Pack

This A4, 48 page full colour book contain outlines for the six Sundays of Lent, plus an Ash Wednesday service. Each week includes prayer ideas, creative and all age worship, song and hymn suggestions, editable sermon outlines and more.

As an added bonus, buying the book gives you access to downloadable multimedia content:

  • four brand new videos,
  • over twenty PowerPoints,
  • printable PDF scripts and editable Word Docs.

Many of these have been uniquely created for Worship in the Wilderness.

You can adapt the Sunday material to suit your context, choosing whichever of the resources will work in your situation.

You can also tie the Sundays in with our second book:

Worship in the Wilderness: Personal Devotions

The A5, 56 page full colour book contains five reflections for each of the weeks leading up to Palm Sunday. The themes unpack and compliment the Sunday material, but the book could also stand alone as a devotional resource. There are biblical reflections, creative ideas and practical responses. The book could also be adapted for group use.

We have provided generous bulk discounts so that if you want to buy for your church or small group you can save money.