This unique CD from the RESOUNDworship songwriting group aims to resource the "average" church service. The songs are singable and accessible for the kinds of instruments found in most churches. Introductory videos teach the parts for piano, drums etc, and the sheet music offers simple melody lines for things like flute, violin and clarinet.

Access sheet music, intro videos and more through the RESOUNDworship website.

Full song list:

In the name of God the Father Joel Payne

Awake my soul
 Marcus Pagnam

Most merciful God Chris Pearse

We come to hear your word Chris Juby

Your word O Lord Chris Pearse

We believe in one God (Unshakeable) Chris Juby

God our Father (Let your kingdom come) Sam Hargreaves

Living bread Jo Doré, Judy Gresham, Carey Luce, Geraldine Latty

Jesus you call us (This is our communion) Joel Payne

Send us out Matt Osgood

May the grace
 Mark Bradford

Songs for the journey

Thematically the songs follow the typical "journey" of a service, with pieces for gathering, prayer, confession, communion and more. Sam has provided a Lord's Prayer song which can lead into intercession.

As engageworship we have made additional resources available to complement the songs - prayers, PowerPoints, poems and more. See the full list here.