We had a blast leading the Presence venue at Spring Harvest, Skegness. This is a smaller, more intimate space which lends itself to group discussion, creative worship and time just to be with God. It was fab to go on a journey with the guests over the four nights. We also loved working with speakers Rachel Orrell from Saltmine, Mark Greene from LICC and Frank Green from ROC. Here are some of the resources we used, in case you'd like to try them too:

  • Gathering prayer - we used this every night, and you can download the PowerPoint and use it yourself
  • God stays the same Poem - we used this night one, as a reflection on God's unchanging nature
  • Each night we read Psalm 46 in a different way. Night 1 used Sunil Chandy's sound art - hear more examples of his work on his website. Night 2 Sara did in a quiet, Lectio Divina style. Night 3 we had our drummer Richard Morgan accompany the reading, as it was read by the congregation. Then the last night Sunil recorded different members of the congregation reading single lines, and live-loop/mixed them, to great effect.
  • We did lots of songs, too many to list here (email if there is one you are trying to track down), but some of the ones we were asked about were the interactive He's My Saviour, Sam's Jesus Lead Us, Stuart Townend's Christ be in my Waking and Bethel's Our Father.
  • We also sang Sam and Sara's song Irreplaceable You during the offering, which you can hear on Soundcloud.

If there are other resources you were looking for please email us and we may be able to help.

Below are some pics of us in the venue taken by Sunil Chandy, and some of Sara, Sam and Richard performing at Skyline Live taken by Mdimi Ndosi.