UPDATE: The PowerPoint for this resource was updated to be included in the Worship in the Wilderness Church Service Pack.

This liturgy closed the 'Liturgy for our times' we led at the UK Songwriters Consultation, and is focused around how we identify with Christ on the cross - such and unlikely way to transform the world. It would be very useful as a close to services where you were thinking about themes like justice, brokenness, the cross etc. Download the PowerPoint provided here or make the words available in some other format.

Act of Dedication
See my Servant, says the God of hope,
wounded, scarred and broken.

Many shall see and be astonished:
nations, startled and shocked,
their leaders staring and speechless.
He was wounded to bring wholeness.

Come my servant, says the God of hope,
wounded, scarred and broken.

Go into a world which is battered and bruised,
its peoples hungry and without hope.
Walk with my people, and bring wholeness.

God of hope,
you sent Jesus,
wounded, scarred and broken,
to walk with us.
Send us now,
your wounded, scarred and broken church,
to bring wholeness and hope.

© Mark Earey