This is based on Esther 4:12-14, and was written as a response for Spring Harvest 2010. It could be used in any context where you wanted people to think through their response to injustice and the challenge to make a difference in the world.

We had the leader read the whole thing first, so people knew what they were saying, and then had the whole crowd stand and say it together. It would work well into a song about receiving God's strength to act - the worship band Trent led into 'More love, more power'.

If we remain silent,
who will rise up?

If we close our eyes
and turn our heads,
who will see the injustice?

If we wring our hands
and shuffle our feet,
who will act with mercy?

What if we were called
for such a time as this,
to see through different eyes
and move to a different drum.

Father, give us your strength,
at such a time as this,
to lead distinctive lives,
and see your Kingdom come.

(c) Sam Hargreaves/