A new worship song, written and recorded for our Resurrection People resource. If you buy the Church Service Pack you get the video included in the price - alternatively you can pay for the video on its own here. MP3 also available for purchase.

The lead sheet and chord sheet are free to download, so you can play them with your worship band. Please report any printing or copying on your CCL licence. Similarly, you can use these videos for online worship - please report on your CCL streaming licence.

The song is based on John 20:24-29, Jesus' resurrection appearance to Thomas. Thanks to Matt Weeks for bass. Timo provided vocals, instruments and production, Gemma supplied backing vocals.


We are seeking, we are reaching,
for the hands of the resurrected Jesus.
We are longing, we are waiting
for your presence, Lord.
For your presence.

Jesus, only you will do.
Jesus, only you will do. 
Our Lord and our God,
you are the risen Christ.
Jesus, only you will do.

We’ve been stumbling, we’ve been doubting,
fragile faith in the resurrected Jesus.
Come restore us. Can you use us
for your kingdom, Lord?
For your kingdom.


Even though the walls are up,
even though the doors are locked,
you give your peace to us
again and again / Jesus.


Words and music © Timo Scharnowski admin. ChurchSongs.co.uk
Please remember to report any photocopies, projection or streaming on your CCL license. CCLI # 7190358.