A new worship song, written and recorded for our Resurrection People resource. If you buy the Church Service Pack you get the video included in the price - alternatively you can pay for the video on its own here. MP3 also available for purchase.

The lead sheet and chord sheet are free to download, so you can play them with your worship band. Please report any printing or copying on your CCL licence. Similarly, you can use these videos for online worship - please report on your CCL streaming licence.

The song is based on the resurrection encounters of Mary, the Emmaus pair, and Thomas. Thanks to Matt Weeks for bass and Keiko for the cellos. Sam provided guitars and drums, Sara sang and played piano, Timo did production.



Lord it’s hard to recognise you 
when my eyes are full of tears.
It’s hard to know you’re with me, here.
I’ll mistake you for another,
though you’re with me face to face.
I long to know your kind embrace.

Then you speak my name, and Jesus I see you. 
In the broken bread, Jesus I know you.
With your wounded hands, you reach out to me,
and you bring me peace. Bring me peace.

Lord it’s hard to see you’re with us
as we walk this lonely road.
We’re full of doubts and questions, God
We might listen to you speaking
and our hearts may burn inside,
but Jesus, open up our eyes.

When you speak our names, then Jesus we see you. 
In the broken bread, Jesus we know you,
With your wounded hands, you reach out to us,
and you bring us peace. Bring us peace.

Lord it’s hard to trust you’re risen
when we haven’t seen the proof.
We struggle to believe the truth.
Yet you meet us in our doubting,
and you bless our shaking faith,
and lead us in your way of grace.


Words and music © Sam Hargreaves, admin. ChurchSongs.co.uk
Please remember to report any photocopies, projection or streaming on your CCL license. CCLI # 7190187.