We have already posted one of Bob's interactive Palm Sunday readings here, but this is a different version based on Matthew's account (the first one was based on Luke's gospel). Take a look at both and decide which one fits your context.

Extract from the script:

It starts with Jesus and his disciples - approaching Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. It starts slow and quiet. Quiet as a midnight heist. [Have everyone go "SHHH"]

And even though what happens next is technically not a robbery - it sure sounds like one.
"Go into the village," says Jesus. "You'll find a donkey there, tied up next to its colt. Untie them and bring them to me. And if anyone says anything, tell him that I need them, and everything will be okay."

And you've got to wonder, haven't you? Was this donkey borrowing a normal sort of thing? Was Jesus just hoping no one would notice? Were his instructions given "just in case"? Or had he pre-arranged it all?
Somebody had certainly pre-arranged it, because Matthew says that all this donkey borrowing/nicking/riding stuff was the fulfilment of something that the prophet Isaiah had said hundreds of years before. [Have your group repeat each line below after you]

"Say to Zion's daughter
Look, here comes your king
He's gentle and he's riding on a donkey
On a colt, a donkey's foal."

So the disciples do what Jesus asks. They acquire the donkey and the colt without incident (in Matthew's version, anyway). They put their cloaks on them. And Jesus hops aboard...

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