This is the opening prayer we used into the sung worship at Youthwork the Conference 2011. Sam wrote it to draw people into praise, but also to tie in with the reading from Revelation 7.

God we've come hungry - hungry for you.
ALL: Bread of life, feed us by your word.

God we've come thirsty - thirsty for your Spirit.
ALL: Living water, bubble up from inside us.

God we've come tired - tired yet expectant.
ALL: Faultless Father, meet us in our weakness.

It's all about you - every song, every movement,
every word, every deed.
ALL: Amen!
Praise and glory, and wisdom,
and thanks,
and honour, and power,
and strength, be to our God,
this weekend,
this moment,
and for ever and ever. Amen!