This is an active version of the Parable of the Dishonest Manager. Telling tips: break your group into three groups, one for the master, one for the dishonest manager, and one for the debtors. Teach them the actions, and then lead them in those actions at the appropriate point in the story. It might be useful to have three helpers at the front, one to lead each group.

Extract from the story:

Jesus told his disciples a story that went something like this:

Once there was a rich man (cha-ching!)

The rich man (cha-ching!) employed a man to manage everything he owned. But the manager was dishonest (pretend to nick something from your neighbour's pocket).

Some of the other servants went to the rich man (cha-ching!) and told him that the dishonest manager (stealing motion) was stealing from him.

So the rich man (cha-ching!) called the dishonest manager (stealing motion) into his office and told him that he was going to give him the sack. "Get your accounts in order," he said. "And then, you're out of here!"

"What do I do, now?" The dishonest manager (stealing motion) wondered. "I'm too weak to dig (digging motion) and I'm too proud to beg (begging motion)." And then he had a brilliant idea. An idea that would make him friends he could rely on, in the future.

He called together all the people who were in debt to his master...

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