This poetic introduction to reading or singing a Creed (such as the Apostles or Nicene Creeds) could be used in any service, and is designed as an accompaniment to the RESOUNDworship "Songs for Sundays" project. In particular, it could be used around the song We Believe in One God.

It will work best if spoken by a good reader who has practiced it. You can download the PDF script of the poem by signing in and clicking on the links to the right.

For more resources in this series visit this page and for all the RESOUNDworship songs visit their website.

Who needs a creed?
Are we so sure now of what we believe?
Are we so certain of truths left unseen?
Alternative facts try to clog up our feeds,
and fake news is seeping in like a disease.
We are a people who need a creed.

Who needs a creed?
More than just words in a book that we read,
this story, this pattern, this truth sets us free:
Of God, the creator, the Father almighty,
and Jesus the son who died and was buried
yet rose from the dead and ascended, to leave
the gift of the Spirit for you and for me:
We are a people who need a creed.

Who needs a creed:
A church that is one and yet craves unity.
Millions are hungry for words that will feed.
Martyrs have died that this truth might succeed.
Humanity cries for the need of this creed.
We are a people who need a creed.