This is a dramatised version of Isaiah 55 for two readers. It brings some of the themes to life in a conversational style.

Extract from the script:

A Are you thirsty?

B I am!

A Then come. Come to the waters.
Are you skint?

B I am!

A Then come. The milk and the wine are free.

B Yippee!

A So, tell me. Why do you spend your money on that which does not nourish you? Why do you work for things which ultimately bring no satisfaction?

B I have asked myself that many times.

A So come.

B Alright, then. (moves closer to A)

A A little closer now.

B Okay.

A Now lean in and listen closely, so you may discover how to truly live.

B I'm all ears.

A (whispers in his ear) I will make a covenant with you. An arrangement. A relationship. A binding agreement. One that will last forever. Like the one I made when I showed my steadfast love to David.

B Okay...

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