As with the John the Baptist story Bob posted, he thought it might be nice to have some visual symbols to help us work our way through the story. They could be laid on a table at the front, or held up so everyone can see, either by the reader or by a helper. A child, perhaps, or several children, in order.

Extract from the reading:

Now, this is how the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, happened.

It started with an engagement ring
(Hold up a ring.)
Or, rather, the first century equivalent of an engagement ring. For Jesus' mum, Mary, was pledged to be married to a man called Joseph.
But before they were married, he discovered that she was expecting...

A baby.
(Hold up baby doll.)
Which had been conceived by the power of the...

Holy Spirit.
(Hold up picture of dove.)

Joseph decided to end the engagement.
(Drop ring on ground, throw over shoulder, whatever.)
But because he was a good man, he determined to do it quietly, so as not to bring further shame on Mary.
But before he could do that...

An angel
(Hold up angel doll, or picture of angel.)
appeared to him in a dream.
"Don't be afraid to marry Mary," the angel told Joseph. "The baby growing inside her really is from the Holy Spirit. He's a boy, by the way. And when he is born, you will call him...

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