Here are two fun, interactive ways of telling the Christmas story, which require no rehearsals, costumes or line-learning!

"Christmas Crowd Story" is suitable for an outdoor or large event, the responses are fairly noisy, like those in a pantomime.

Baby - Divide audience in two (1&2): 1."Gurgle, gurgle," 2. "Howl, howl".
Camels - All say "Brrrr" and make lips vibrate for camel sounds.
Shepherds - "Baaa!"
Wise men - Stroke chin
Stable - Animal noises

Extract from the story:

This is the story of Christmas
2000 years ago,
with camels and wise men and shepherds,
but no sign of any snow.

Come back with me to Palestine,
back to the Middle East,
with camels and wise men and shepherds
and the ancient Prince of Peace.

Late one dark, dark night
some shepherds came to town,
they came upon a house
and nearly broke the front door down.

They'd come to see the baby
the one out in the stable,
they'd heard that he was special
and didn't think it was a made-up fable...


"Mary, Joe and the Angel" is simple telling of the Christmas story. A narrator reads the rhyming text while a group of actors do the actions, some of which occur several times.
Feel free to change any of them or add your own as best suits your group.

Extract from the script:

Once there was an angel, (say 'flap flap' and flap arms)
and a girl called Mary. (smile and wave at the audience)
The angel came to see her, (say 'flap flap' and flap arms)
and it was all a bit scary. (look scared)

Mary was in the kitchen (smile and wave at the audience)
having a cup of tea, (mime drinking, say 'Slurp!')
when the angel appeared and said, (say 'flap flap' and flap arms)
'Don't be scared, it's only me!' (look scared)

Mary nearly fell over (wobble a bit)
she was so surprised! (look amazed)
The angel smiled and said, 'Mary - (say 'flap flap' and flap arms)
you can believe your eyes.' (rub eyes)

'You're going to have a baby! (hold baby)
You're going to be a mum. (push out tummy and pat it, as if pregnant)
And this is good news for everyone, (thumbs up)
so don't look so scared and glum.' (look scared)

The angel then appeared in a dream (sleep and make snoring noise)
to Mary's boyfriend Joe. (wave)
And told him not to be scared, (look scared)
'Go and marry Mary - hurry up! Go!' (point as if saying 'Go!')...

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