This is a dramatised version of the conversation between Jesus and two Pharisees in Matthew 21. The parable which Jesus tells in the middle of the dialogue is rendered in a fun way, to bring out the humourous nature of Jesus' story. It ends with a serious point about how our actions speak louder than our words.

Extract from the script:

The next day Jesus came back to the Temple, to teach again. As he walked in the chief priests and elders gathered round him to try and trick him.

Annas: We have heard you this week and seen you riding in on that donkey. What gives you the authority to do all these things?
Jesus: I'll tell you - if you will just answer me one question.
Annas: What?
Jesus: John's baptism.
Annas: What about it?
Jesus: Did it come from God or from man?
Annas: Ah! Give us a minute, please. [Annas and Joseph turn away]
Joseph: What do we say?
Annas: I'm not sure - if we say it came from God he'll say why didn't we listen to him then.
Joseph: But we can't say it was only man-made - the people here will murder us! There'll be a riot!
Annas: We cannot say it came from God!
Joseph: And we cannot say man - so we're cornered.
Annas: I've got it! [Turns back] Jesus?
Jesus: Yes?
Annas: We humbly admit that we don't know. You have us baffled there.
Jesus: Then you have me baffled too - and I won't tell you where my authority comes from. Instead - here's another story. There was a man who had two sons...
Annas: Is this the one about the son who runs away from home?
Jesus: No! But I'm glad you remember that, Annas. No, this one is different. Tell me what you think of it - I'd like to know. The father goes to his older son and says:

The Parable of the Two Sons
Father: Simeon, I'd like you to go and work in the vineyard for me today. Will you do that?
Simeon: Dad! I've been working there all week. I'm tired and bored of it. I've got blisters on my hands and calluses on my feet. My shoes are worn out and my back aches. My face is burnt and my neck is sore. My eyes are dry and my throat is dusty. My nose is runny and my brain's stuffed up. My ear aches and my arm's asleep. My spirit is broken and my soul is sore.
Father: So - is that a yes or a no?
Simeon: No! No, no, no.
Father: Do you want some time to think about it?...

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